Think like an entrepreneur
Explore like a pioneer
Grow on your own terms

I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist & Contract CMO who gained her skills and knowledge in a fast-paced and diverse startup environment.

In 2012 I moved my home from the sunny vineyards in Southern Austria to the land of the midnight sun. I live in Helsinki, together with my husband.

My passion lies in storytelling, branding, writing and marketing that gives value and not distractions.
I spend my free time practising my punches at body combat, pretending to be a prima ballerina during ballet classes, channelling my inner goddess with Yoga and writing on my own blogs about marketing & self-development.

If I’m not in Helsinki or in Austria, you can find me sailing in the Finnish Archipelago or exploring the underwater world in tropical seas.

I’m an adventurer at heart and love to travel, especially in South-East-Asia.

I believe that clarity comes from action, not thought. In order to grow you need to take calculated risks and get your hands dirty. You can’t “think” your way through work or life. If something works out – Great! If it fails – move on and try something else!

I get motivated when I’m part of something with a purpose, be it a company, a project or as simple as a meeting. In work and life, there’s nothing more dreadful to do things without a specific purpose, reason or goal. We ain’t got time for that! If there’s room to explore and grow, I’m up for any challenge.