CMO Diaries: autumn retreat, B2B marketing & speaking workshops

Autumn has kicked off exactly as I wanted to: meeting lots of new people, learning new things and gaining an immeasurable amount of inspiration to DO and GET THINGS DONE!

Already during summer I knew I wanted to use this autumn to work on my personal development, to figure out how I want to grow my business and to find new ways to help my clients.

In the past days I’ve attended a 3-day personal development retreat organised by FridayLab, a B2B growth marketing workshop by the F Company and a speaking workshop with Jochen Faugel from Arctic Startup.

Different topics, different people but one mindset: To learn and to get better in the things you care about and want to share with others.

About Friday Lab Retreat + biggest Learning 

These 3 days on the beautiful island Hanasaari (right next to Helsinki) was all about building the right mindset to create a business and life that fits with your lifestyle, ambitions and personal needs.

We had several workshops about different topics, one more important than the other.

We talked about:

  • How to reduce stress & prevent burnout
  • How to create new habits and make them stick
  • Strategies & tools for deep work & creativity
  • The future of VC & investments
  • Daring to make big life decisions
  • Finding your values & bringing purpose to your work
  • Deep breathing & visualisation
View from Hanasaari island

My biggest learning from this retreat: I’ve already come a long way when it comes to creating habits, working on your vision, values & purpose etc. I’m proud of the jouney that I’ve already taken and I’ve learned so much so far. However, in these 3 days I learned that no matter how far you’ve come, no matter how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve learned, there’s always more. There’s always a new level that you thought didn’t even exist. And suddenly you’re here and all of your past makes sense, and you set yourself up for a new level of consciousness and a new chapter in your life.

About B2B growth marketing workshop + biggest learning

This inspirational weekend was followed by a more concrete marketing workshop: Customer Jouneys in B2B marketing.

As a Contract CMO I mostly work with B2B software companies, so this free workshop organised by the F Company seemed highly relevant and interesting to me.

When I arrived at the venue, Lapland Hotels, I was greeted by nice people and a delicious breakfast. The day kicked off with meeting someone who is as excited as I am about B2B marketing. The 1,5-hour session that followed was packed with small tasks, good discussions and learning new things about the B2B buyer’s journey.

My biggest learning from this workshop: Before you start creating any content, ad, campaign, marketing funnels etc., think how this particular action fits into your ideal customer’s journey. What is the problem that they are trying to solve? In B2B people often don’t even know what their particular problem is – so help them identifying this problem.

About the presentation/speaking workshop + biggest learning

On the same day I attendend the marketing Workshop, I also participated at Jochen Faugel’s workshop “Grab the stage & rock the flock”. It was held in my co-working space Epicenter in Helsinki.

I love to have presentations and speak in front of an audience. My biggest talk to so far was at the Project Management Conference in Helsinki. I also organised and hosted a workshop called: How to adopt a growth mindset in your career & life.

Natually, I was really excited about this workshop and I wasn’t disappointed. It was insightful, interactive and we got the chance to ask for advice about our own personal struggles with public speaking.

My biggest learning from this workshop: A successful presentation is not based on what you say, but what the audience remembers. Too often we worry too much about the “What”, about the content of our presentation. Yes, content, facts and opinions are important, but more importantly, you have to think about your audience. About their attention span (ca. 5-7min before they need something “new”) and their agenda and interests. Put the most important topics at the beginning and at the end of your presentation. Most importantly, don’t see speaking as a performance. See it as a natural way to connect and communicate with others.

This has been my week so far and I’m motivated and pumped to turn all these insights into action for my clients and my business. 💪🏻

Oh yeah, my co-working space Epicenter Helsinki had an epic opening party too! So much happening right now 😉 What have you been up to? 🙂

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